Friday, March 2, 2012

National Craft Month

Did you know that March was National Craft Month?  I think I kind of did, but thanks to the internet I remembered.  I was thinking about writing about the craft projects I do each day, or at least do a roundup of what I've worked on if I skip days.  So here goes my roundup for yesterday in the crafty goodness:

March 1:  Started an ankle sock.  I'm basing my pattern off of this site: Anklet a Day.  I know I can't knit a sock in a day.  I prefer shorter socks.  Having socks up around my calf sometimes drives me a bit batty.  I'm changing the pattern by knitting a short row heel instead of the heel flap and gusset like the pattern has.  I find short row heels to be so much quicker than the other way.  I'll have to see how it turns out and weather or not it fits.

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