Update 6/27:  OMG, I actually finished some of these items!

Nope, not aliens.  However, there is one with aliens in it

UFO = unfinished object

I feel like I have a million of them hanging around.  So this is an experiment.  I'm going to list them.  As I finish them I'll mark them off and share a picture.  There are definitely categories to my UFOs.  There are some that need to be done soon and are actually sitting next to me on the couch as I write.  And then there are those that have been lost in the closet.  Oh, I know there are more that haven't been listed, but I just can't think of them off the top of my head.

To Be Done Soon
1.  Quilt cousin O's quilt (my family makes quilts for the cousins and this one is special because it has her dad's shirts on the back as a memorial to him.  My mom pieced the quilt and I'm doing the quilting.)

2. Bright pink rhino and tutu for new shop.

3.  Black and White panther in a tutu

4.  Black and White star quilt for S's new baby (even though she's gotten some other quilts already!  The baby shower is in 6 days.)

5.  Set up new shop for stuffed animals (mostly in tutus!) 

6.  Bapron trial for baby R

Lost in the Closet
1.  Queen sized batik quilt (mom is finish the top for me and then we are having a long arm quilter quilt it since it is so big. Then the binding will need to be done.)

2.  Flower window quilt (my own design)

3.  Wonky stars quilt (Here are the aliens!)

4. Black and white scrap quilt

5.  Cat quilt

6.  Ladder yarn scarf

7. Zig Zag experiment quilt

8.  Way to many half done socks that I need to finish!  I can think of 3 pairs off the top of my head.

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