Smudge's Page

Hi, my name is Smudge.  I live with my human, Jessie.  She's a pretty good human, as far as humans go.   The funny thing is that we have the same birthday, June 3.  I am going to be 10 human years old.  I could tell you how old my human is, but I think she'd get mad at me if I did that.

As you can see, I am an excellent quilt sitter.  I am sitting in my human's cousin's baby's quilt.  (How's that for confusing.

 And another quilt I sat on.  Now, I don't really like dogs, but when they are in fabric form, I'm okay with them.  Especially since I can sit on them!

This one should be for sale in the shop, but my human hasn't taken any pictures yet. 

 Nothing hanging out in the grass.  I can't believe that my human got a picture with my tongue sticking out!  I'm so embarrassed.

 I also like to hang out underneath blankets.  Often times my tail is the only thing sticking out.

See how helpful I am when I help my human make the bed.  She thinks we share the bed, but really, it's my bed.  I just let her sleep there at night.  I suppose it's nice...we do sleep back to back and she makes a good heater.

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