Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hexipuffs and NCM Days 3 & 4

March 3:  Impromptu quilting group with my mom, B, and G.  Super fun.  Got quite a bit of the binding done on the Bark Bark quilt.  I think have a little over half to go.

March 4:  I have made 4 hexipuffs today.  I made one yesterday so the total is at 5.  I'm thinking about making a hexipuff quilt that measures 2' x 3' and I need like 167 of them.  Only 165 to got!  I also joined a fun hexipuff mini skein swap on Craftster.  So excited to get more variety of yarn.  I have been able to use up little bits of sock yarn I have lying around.  They are super addicting.  I totally see why people like them.  If only I knew how to do 2 color knits then I could do some of the fancy designs.  But I haven't mastered that skill yet. 

Here is my first hexipuff!  Still on the needles in this pic, but it's one of my favorite yarns.  I love knitting with Happy Feet yarn. 

Total hexipuffs: 5

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