Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meet Blueberry!

I have the privilege of babysitting the cutest little munchkin one day a week.  He is going to be 1 in a couple of weeks and I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to make for him.  I wanted to make something for him.  So I decided to make him a rhino.  I got a cute rhino pattern from Funky Friends Factory.  This is the same person who made the octopus pattern.

I try to try patterns before  I make the one I'm giving away.  So I made Blueberry.  I had a pretty tie-dyed purple fleece and a light green for accents.  The pattern didn't call for accent colors, but I decided Blueberry needed some green feet and ears.

 Front view.  I tried out french knots for the eyes.  I'm trying to make the eyes ultra baby proof.  The munchkin is in major teething mode and I don't want to risk safety eyes.  I have had some issues with them falling out of polar fleece.
 The side view.
And as a friend just dubbed it:  "Rhiney Hiney"

 I took her on a little adventure outside to meet an azalea bush.  It was actually NOT raining for this picture. 

The other side.

Blueberry's head and hiney, chillin' on a dianthus plant.

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