Monday, March 12, 2012

Mission: Secret Octopus

The plan was to make an octopus for G before the baby was born.  A wanted to make an octopus for her husband, G, but on the day we were supposed to get together for a sewing extravaganza, she was in labor.  But little R is here safe and sound.  I finally met her!  She has the softest little hair on her head.  I'm even going to show you a picture with me in it!  This might be the one and only time.

There I am with my niecelet.  (She will be a "niecelet" until she gets a bit bigger.)  I am honored to be adopted into their family.

Anyways, back to the octopus.  I made one for myself.  I had to try the pattern.  Her name is Ophelia.  And who doesn't need an octopus of their very own.

I have to give a shout out the pattern designer.  Funky Friends Factory has absolutely amazing animal patterns!  Her patterns are just elegant.  That's the only way I can describe them. She is the same person who created the platypus pattern.  (You can adopt your very own platypus in my Etsy shop.)  Please check out her other patterns at Funky Friends Factory!  Her patterns are great for beginners.  Her site talks about 7 year olds sewing her patterns. 

On the same trip where I got to visit the niecelet, I was able to pick up the secret octopus fabric.  The main color is going to be the brown with orange spots.  This will be a collaboration between myself and A.  I'm going to do most of the sewing.  The octopus will the be mailed flat (and they don't like that!) to A so she can do the stuffing and finishing.  I'm excited to get started on the octopus!

Stay tuned for Mission: Secret Octopus updates.

P.S.  I am hopefully NOT spoiling the surprise.  Otherwise, I've made a big woops!

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