Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Niece

After 29 hours of hard labor, my friend had her baby on Tuesday.  I'm so happy she is here.  This family has "adopted" me into there's and I am honored to be the aunt of sweet R.  I am giving the new family time to adjust and then I will go up to visit them.  Just to add to the tears welling in my eyes from happiness, here's what the new mom said about the quilt: "J, everyone is gaga for her AND the quilt! It was my touchstone for so much of labor. I leaned over it while I had contractions and buried my face in it. In the hospital I had it on my bed as a reminder of what we were aiming for and it comforted us all to have a bright beautiful focal point and a warm nonhospital blanket. What a gift the whole process of the quilt has been. It means so much to me and I cant wait to tell R the story."

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