Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cute Storage

Yesterday's Project:  Storage basket based on the tutorial found here on Sew4Home.

Project notes:  Definitely use fusible heavy weight interfacing.   For this basket I used some scraps of pellon.  At least I'm pretty sure it was pellon.  I also used batting like they suggested for lining the inside.  However, I think I want to try using fusible fleece next time.  That would eliminate some basting.  I also made handles my own way.  I cut 4 3/4 inch side strips and sewed them together along one long side.  Then I ironed the seam open, ironed the other edges in half, meeting in the middle.  Next, I folded the entire handle in half so one side was orange and the other blue.  I added a strip of batting to make them sturdier.  I finished them off by top stitching along each side and down the middle I didn't quite have the right length so the handles are a little short.  The handles seem awfully wide to me.  I think on the next ones, I'll make slightly skinnier handles.

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