Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you give a Hippo a Cape...

So I just completed this little guy and he inspired me to write a little poem.  I based the poem off of the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  (One of my favorites!)

 If You Give a Hippo a Cape
If you give a hippo a cape,
He's going to ask to try it on.
When he tries it on,
He'll probably ask to climb the stairs.
When he's at the top,
He'll climb on the railing.
When he climbs on the railing,
He'll get ready to jump.
So he'll probably ask you to catch him at the bottom.
When he's ready to jump,
He'll tell you he's "Super Hippo!"
He might get carried away and think he really is a super hero.
H may even think he can really fly.
When he jumps,
He'll realize he can't really fly.
You'll catch him in the nick of time.
He'll hold on tight to you to make sure he's really safe.
So you'll reassure him and take off his cape.
When he sees his cape again,
He'll want to be a super hero.
And chances are if he wants to be a super hero,
He'll ask for a cape to complete his costume...

 Side view of the Super Hippo.

This hippo's name is Harvey.
 Hippo Hiney
 Check out Harvey's cool striped feet.
How hippos pretend to fly.

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