Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog Excitement!

OMG, I'm so excited. 

It all started when I made my friend A's daughter R a rhino in a tutu! 

So here's a front view of the rhino.  Her name is Lemon Poppy Seed, or Lemony for short!

 A side view to see the cutest rhino in a tutu!

And of course a cute rhiney hiney in a pink tutu!

So I was so excited and thrilled about how cute Lemony turned out that I posted a pic of her on the pattern designer's FB page.  I ended up inspiring her to do a give away and I was the first winner!  So thrilled.  And then this evening to make it even better, I found out that Lemony was featured on her blog! You can check it out here: Funky Friends Factory Blog Doing a little happy dance at the moment. 

I'm definitely loving the rhino pattern.  It goes together so quickly.  I experimented with making a mini rhino today. 

 This is Miss Mango the mini-rhino!

 Pictured here with Blueberry so you can see a size comparison.  They are actually cousins.  They have the same fabric for the inside of their ears and the pads of their feet.

 Two rhiney hineys are cuter than one!

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